Contributing Guide

This is a wiki for anything related to the contributing on [[Crop2ML||Crop2ML]] which is a project of the Agricultural Model Exchange Initiative. For more information about this project, please visit CropML documentation [[Crop2ML||documentation]]:


[[Stefan Behnel||Stefan Behnel]], [[Robert Bradshaw||Robert Bradshaw]], [[Dag Seljebotn||Dag Seljebotn]], Lisandro Dalcin.

Mailing Lists

Our development mailing list is [[cython-dev||cython-dev]] and user mailing list at

In the past we also used a [[Google group||Google group]] and a list at [[BerliOS Developer||BerliOS Developer]]. You can still read [[the archives at Gmane||the archives at Gmane]].

Project Goals

  • Fully supported easy-to-use test suite, including the normal CPython test suite.
  • Easy installation and usage.
  • Rich, accessible documentation. Make sure the examples are plenty and can be automatically tested.
  • Make Cython part of the standard distribution of Python (like ctypes).
  • Compile all Python code except for possibly some obvious exclusions, which will be worked out by developers.
  • Very fast when the user explicitly declares types (but we’re not going to make promises with type inference). Precise benchmarks.
  • Mitigate or eliminate the need for users to invoke the Python/C API directly without sacrificing performance.


  • See
  • Official Pyrex [[Language Overview||Language Overview]] (note the [[changes||changes]] though).
  • [[Extension Types||Extension Types]]
  • [[Sharing Declarations Between Pyrex Modules||Sharing Declarations Between Pyrex Modules]]
  • [[FAQ||FAQ]]
  • [[Quick Guide to Pyrex||Quick Guide to Pyrex]] from Michael JasonSmith.
  • CategoryCythonDoc lists pages that are related to Cython documentation.
  • [[ Pure Python mode|pure| Pure Python mode]]
  • SAGE Days 4 talk highlighting some of the [[differences between Pyrex and SageX||differences between Pyrex and SageX]] (the predecessor of Cython).